The Cabling Company, LLC is led by Mr. Michael Garcia and Mr. Daniel R. Vela. With over 31 years of combined experience in field operations in the low voltage and telecommunication industry, Michael and Daniel make great partners for any and all low voltage needs. They are very hard working, loyal, and dedicated to their client’s needs. The Cabling Company is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan but is willing to go anywhere that they are needed. They’re also a service-oriented organization that recognizes the importance of maintaining a workload in which they can manage and complete projects in a safe and timely manner. 




Safety - Work sites can be intense. With skilled training, we make sure that all aspects of a job, from beginning to end, are danger free, risk free, and injury free.

Integrity - The foundation on which our company was founded on. We maintain this throughout every aspect of our business.

Professionalism - Our team always displays a level of competence that reassures our client is getting a valued team member who takes pride in all aspects of the job.

Efficiency - With our vast experience in many areas of the business, we have the ability to find solutions that allow projects to be completed with the best possible solution.

Solutions - With a knack for dealing with difficult situations and a strong history of working tirelessly to find a suitable result, our clients can rest assure that we have provided the best possible solution for all of their technology needs.


We at The Cabling Company, LLC understand the necessity of your network and take extreme pride in properly installing fiber optic and structured cabling solutions for your business.