Small IP Clock/IP Speaker with Flashers

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Small IP Clock/IP Speaker with Flashers


Advanced Network Devices Small IP Clock with Flashers for Informacast/Singlewire

The Advanced Network Devices IPCSS-RWB-IC is a small form factor PoE synchronized clock with configurable strobe flashers and intercom that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. Using an existing IP Paging and notification system, the clock auto synchronizes and can be used as a scrolling text display. It includes a standard built in microphone that allows two-way voice communication and red, white, and blue flashers to notify onlookers in case of emergency. The IPCSS-RWB-IC is compatible with Singlewire and Informacast.


Advanced Network Devices IPCSS-RWB-IC Overview

The ANETD Gen2 IP Clock for Informacast is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) synchronized clock that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. It allows simultaneous broadcast to both phones and speakers. Advanced Network Devices (AND) makes it easy to implement IP Clocks into your paging and notification system on your existing IP network.

The Small IP Clock features an integrated 4in speaker and a microphone for 2-way audio. The digital clock shows 3 inch digits and allows you to display in 4 or 6 digits. The IPCSS-RWB-IC has a built in web server and configurable brightness, volume, fonts, and time zone. When you are not displaying the current time, you can scroll messaging across the clock display using a multicolor LED. Messaging can be received from a PC, RSS feed, Twitter, etc. all configurable via the web server.

Installation of the ANETD IPCSS-RWB-IC is easy. It only requires a Cat5 connection up to 300 feet from a PoE enabled switch. It supports PoE and PoE+ and will work with a PoE injector when a PoE switch is not available. An independent line in connection can be configured to send additional audio into the speaker such as and iPod or MP3 player for background music.


Advanced Network Devices IPCSS-RWB-IC Features

  • Clock Dimensions = 17.82" L x 2.107" W x 6.072" H
  • Weight = 5lb
  • Speaker Sensitivity = 96dB SPL, 1W/1M
  • 10/100 PoE (IEEE 802.3af) Ethernet Connection
  • Digit Size = 3 inches
  • Integrated 4in speaker
  • 3 configurable red, white, and blue lights to be used for emergency or alerts
  • Supported Software by 3rd parties: Singlewire/Informacast
  • See Technical Specs for more info
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