Extra Large IP Clock/IP Speaker with Flashers with Signage

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Lg IP spkClock w signage.png

Extra Large IP Clock/IP Speaker with Flashers with Signage


Advanced Network Devices IP Clock and Digital Signboard for Informacast

The IPSIGNL-RWB-IC is an IP speaker, IP clock, and digital signboard designed for use with Informacast, which allows you to mass communicate using your existing IP Phone system and included web server software. It includes red, white, and blue flashing lights to alert onlookers in the event of an emergency.


Advanced Network Devices IPSIGNL-RWB-IC Overview

The AND IPSIGNL-RWB-IC is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) synchronized IP clock and intercom that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. Simultaneously, broadcast to both phones and speakers. The clock auto synchronizes and can be used as a scrolling text display. Standard built in microphone that allows two way voice communication.

Simply connect the IPSIGNL-RWB-IC to your existing data or VoIP network and begin using it as an IP Clock, a two-way IP intercom, a digital signage board, and an emergency alarm!


Advanced Network Devices IPSIGNL-RWB-IC Features

Built in Web Server:


Line In/ Out:

Stopwatch / Timer:

Installation: Only requires CAT 5 connection (up to 300ft) to network

Sound Masking:

  • Includes red, white, and blue flashing lights for emergencies
  • Designed for Informacast systems
  • Send text messages to it from the web page
  • Configurable brightness and volume
  • Configurable fonts
  • Configurable NTP time server, time zone, etc.
  • Status
  • Field upgradable
  • 2 inputs, 2 outputs
  • Activate via telephone or programmatically
  • Independent line-in. Can be configured to send line in audio to the speaker
  • Count up and down with configurable sounds
  • Event based trigger
  • Power over Ethernet (no power cord or adapter). No other equipment needed.
  • Generate pink noise via push button or programmatically for sound masking
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