Double Sided IP Clock/IP Speaker with Flashers

DBL sided IP clock.png
DBL sided IP clock.png

Double Sided IP Clock/IP Speaker with Flashers


Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB-IC

The Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB-IC is a double sided IP clock with wall mount and flashers. It's capable of audio, red/white/blue flashers, clock, timer/stopwatch, scrolling text, microphone, and auto-dimming.It's compatible with all major IP based software and several PBX system.

Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB-IC Overview:

The IP Clock is a Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE+) synchronized clock and intercom that requires only an RJ-45 connector to connect to existing data networks. Simultaneously, broadcast to both phones and speakers. The clock auto synchronizes and can be used as a scrolling text display for all sorts of streaming messages. Built in microphone and speaker for two way communications.

The Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB-IC is our double sided IP clock specifically designed for hallways. It is most commonly used in hospitals and schools. With high quality speakers, our double sided IP clock projects clear audio announcements and bell notifications. The IPCDS-RWB-IC has a 4 inch speaker and a text size of 3 inches.

Advanced Network Devices IPCDS-RWB-IC Features:

  • Built in Web Server
  • Line In/ Out
  • Easy Installation
  • GPIO
  • Interfaces
  • Multicast
  • Sound Masking
  • Wall mount option included
  • Stop Watch / Time
  • Two Way Communication
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