Strobe Kit


Strobe Kit


Advanced Network Devices AND-STROBE-KIT-1

The AND Strobe kit can be utilized as an additional mode of emergency notification. The strobe kit enables a strobe to be controlled by an AND endpoint. Simply attach the peripheral adapter board to your device, then wire the strobe to the peripheral board and manage through your software. This kit can be used with most AND devices.

Advanced Network Devices AND-STROBE-KIT-1 Overview:

The peripheral interface adapter (AND-PIA-1) interfaces with the strobe (IPSTROBE-ACCY) via the general purpose output relay available on the "poke-home" connector. (N.O. or N.C; dry or 12VDC, 1A max)

Compatible with AND devices of MAC address 20:46:F9:03:00:00 or higher. Output relay functionally tested to operate with the System Sensor Strobe, available from AND (IPSTROBE-ACCY).

Note: IPSIGNL-RWB and IPCDS-RWB require a modified peripheral interface board. IPSCM and ZONEC models do not support this kit.

Advanced Network Devices AND-STROBE-KIT-1 Features:

  • Strobe is approximately 5" x 6"x 2.5"
  • 15 and 15/75 candela settings available
  • Mounts to single gang, 4" square double gang, or 4" octagon junction boxes
  • Use 18 AWG stranded or solid core wire pair to connect button to peripheral interface board
  • PoE+ power source is recommended
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